Why Work With Chris?

"As I transitioned into a leadership role with our not-for-profit organization, Chris guided me through a series of trainings tailored to my needs. Our one-on-one sessions provided me with opportunities to be introspective, gain a better understanding of my strengths and how to build upon them, and the ability to foster employee engagement, collaboration and growth. Chris is professional, knowledgeable, insightful. She brings an energy and enthusiasm to her coaching style that influences one’s learning."  CAO, Not for Profit Organization

My coaching style and philosophy reflect my unique combination of clinical, management and coaching educational credentials. Together, we will create a partnership devoted to maximizing your potential and building the future you envision for yourself and your team.


Having held leadership positions in both non-profits and government, I understand how difficult-and important-it is to manage the expectations of many stakeholders. I also understand the importance of results.

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Leaders don’t work in a vacuum; therefore, alignment is a key part of the work we do together. We’ll ensure that your leadership style is aligned with your personal values; your values and actions are aligned with the expectations and culture of your organization; and your actions are aligned with your professional goals and those of your organization. 

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While the process of coaching is important, so is the outcome.  We will achieve real results with the work we will do.  By expanding the tools in your leadership toolbox, you will be prepared for future situations after our work together is done.

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Leadership Coaching and Talent Development