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  • Creating a Coaching Culture
    Creating a Coaching Culture By now many employers have returned to the office in some capacity, whether it is a hybrid model or full time in the office.  For many employees—and Read more
  • Email Without Regret
    Communicating effectively is an essential skill in everything we do.  There is virtually nothing a leader does that doesn’t include communication and isn’t more effective or easier with effective communication Read more
  • The Manager as Coach--A Winning Combination
    If we have learned anything from the Great Resignation, it is that employees want a different kind of employment experience than they were willing to accept prior to the pandemic. Read more
  • Mastering the Art of Saying "NO"
    I recently read an article that gave advice on how to get out of something that you have already committed to.  While I am all for having a toolbox of Read more
  • Imposter Syndrome—The Invisible Barrier to Returning to the Office
    Imposter Syndrome—The Invisible Barrier to Returning to the Office-- As many companies begin to plan the return of their employees to the office, there are as many feelings about what that Read more
  • Managing Up With Integrity
    Almost every one of us reports to someone—whether it is the Manager, Vice President, CEO or Board of Directors.  It is a rare person who is not accountable to someone Read more
  • Managing Like a Mother
    I recently attended a baby shower for a young woman expecting her first child.  At the event, there was an activity where I was given a card with the heading, Read more
  • Coaching for Executive Presence
    As we follow closely this very colorful Presidential Election Campaign, I often hear people say that various candidates are not “Presidential”.  What they mean is that the candidate does not Read more


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