Coaching Services

presentingChrysalis Coaching provides coaching, talent development and consulting services to meet your needs and those of your leadership and management team. Executive and Leadership Coaching is provided on a one-to-one basis to help you and your key leaders develop the skills that will enable your organization to reach its highest potential. Coaching can be provided remotely or in-person, depending on geographic location. Group coaching can be offered in conjunction with management training to assist in applying newly acquired skills. Talent development and training is offered, either remotely or in-person, to assist in providing your team with the skills necessary to lead in an ever-changing environment. The following programs can be customized to meet your unique needs:


"Christine Reinhard is a very experienced, patient, and talented coach that takes the time to listen. She has assisted me on my journey to learn more about my professional leadership style and how to be more successful in my leadership role. Our sessions aided me on my journey of self transformation by helping me to identify what my strengths are and where I could further improve."  Nursing Administrator

Coaching/Development for high-potential employees and emerging leaders can help you build your “leadership bench”. We have all heard the saying, “What got you here won’t get you there”. Individual coaching can help your future leaders develop the tools to ensure success at the next level. 

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"I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Chris. She helped guide me through a transformative journey in my career. Chris was objective, insightful and supportive in her coaching. Working with her allowed me to reflect on my own actions as a leader and its impact on others. With Chris as my coach, I learned the importance of taking responsibility for my behavior in shaping how others perceive me. Chris helped me refine the type of leader I wanted to be. It was empowering to develop my own personal brand through self reflection and goal development.  Together we created a path for success!  Director, Large Non-Profit Agency

Every strong leader wants to be the best they can be. The difference between a good leader and a great leader lies in how they approach and handle those complex situations and issues.  Coaching can help a good leader increase their effectiveness by expanding the tools in their leadership toolbox.

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"Chris has provided coaching to several of the participants in our talent development program. Her coaching has helped prepare them to be the future leaders of our organization. The coaching component of the program provided the support to implement many of the skills and principles they have acquired."    V.P., Learning and Talent Development

Education is critical to continued success of leaders at all levels. Customized packages are designed to meet the unique needs of your leaders where they are at so that they are ready and able to fulfill your company’s mission and vision. For the entry or mid-level managers, management training will help them to build their management toolbox and their personal management brand. 

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Additional Services

Several programs are available as stand-alone offerings: 

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Leadership Coaching and Talent Development