I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Chris. She helped guide me through a transformative journey in my career. Chris was objective, insightful and supportive in her coaching. Working with her allowed me to reflect on my own actions as a leader and its impact on others. With Chris as my coach, I learned the importance of taking responsibility for my behavior in shaping how others perceive me. Chris helped me refine the type of leader I wanted to be. It was empowering

Director, Large Non-Profit Agency

Christine Reinhard is a very experienced, patient, and talented coach that takes the time to listen. She has assisted me on my journey to learn more about my professional leadership style and how to be more successful in my leadership role. Our sessions aided me on my journey of self transformation by helping me to identify what my strengths are and where I could further improve.

Nursing Administrator

Chris has provided coaching to several of the participants in our talent development program. Her coaching has helped prepare them to be the future leaders of our organization. The coaching component of the program provided the support to implement many of the skills and principles they have acquired.

V.P., Learning and Talent Development

As I transitioned into a leadership role with our not-for-profit organization, Chris guided me through a series of trainings tailored to my needs. Our one-on-one sessions provided me with opportunities to be introspective, gain a better understanding of my strengths and how to build upon them, and the ability to foster employee engagement, collaboration and growth. Chris is professional, knowledgeable, insightful. She brings an energy and enthusiasm to her coaching style that influences one’s learning.

CAO, Not for Profit Organization

Chris is an extraordinary force. I recently watched her transform an organization's culture from one lacking systems and establish a mission oriented, positive, and productive environment.

Health Care Consultant

Chris came in and filled a crucial role at our organization as interim CEO. Chris was able to steady the ship and keep the agency running, all while building trust. Staff responded to her open style of communication, her ability to prioritize issues, and her candor. The Board relied on her to negotiate with another agency that was supplying staff as part of a management agreement, and she was able to integrate their workers with discretion so there were no hard feelings with existing staff. Although her stay was just 7 months, she left the agency in better shape than when she arrived.

Chair of the Board , Non-Profit Organization

Chris has extensive experience in helping people realize their full potential. She is an invaluable resource that can help you achieve your professional and personal goals and take your career to the next level. I would highly recommend her as an executive coach.

Consultant, Marketing Research and Insight


Leadership Coaching and Talent Development